Skin Care Routine & Product Review: Organic Oatmeal Soap & Cocoa Butter Vaseline

I have always had sensitive skin, and that made me pay a little more attention to my skin and skin care routine. I also never used makeup or knew how to use it when I was growing up, so being a young, skinny girl with some IMG_7127insecurities I made sure my skin was clear. I didn’t even know how to cover up a blemish or pimple so I just did what I could, and maintained my clear skin routine. Anyways, I have always found peace and beauty in simplicity so that is how I kept my skin care routine, short and simply. I started off by doing a little bit of research, and looked for the most natural and organic soaps with very little ingredients, and came across Oatmeal Soap. The oatmeal in the soap provides gentle exfoliation, and removes dead skin cells while unclogging pores and removing build-up. Improving the appearance and texture of the skin, making it much easier for moisture to penetrate the deeper layers helping your skin fight dryness. While the oatmeal soap helps soothe dry skin it can also help with oily skin. Oatmeal is known for absorbing oatmeal soapoils, and will absorb the excess oils without leaving the skin dry. The versatility of the oatmeal soap allows it to be used with any other product without interference; and because of the many benefits the soap provides the skin I choose to use it as my cleanser. After cleansing my face I move on to moisturizing, I use Cocoa Butter Vaseline Lotion; cocoa butter provides the skin with great benefits. Some including, preventing dry skin and irritation, soothing sensitive skin, fighting signs of aging, and more, while providing you’re your skin with antioxidants to approve the overall appearance.

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 10.59.57 PMThat is my skin care routine and it’s very simply, yet very effective. I don’t like to over do things, and pile a bunch of stuff onto my face. This has always worked for me by keeping my skin build up free, and fully moisturized.

The photos throughout the post are Photoshop free, and the only makeup I am wearing is mascara and lip gloss.

Please feel free to let me know if any ofthese tips help you, or if you try the oatmeal soap, which I would recommend.

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